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Hello, people.
If anyone know or may not know that I am working on my personal project that is called ' ONJU '. I ever once told to everyone that you are freely to design your own dragons to be put into my story, but the thing is I am very busy with school work and don't have time to check my emails or my tumblr or deviantart mentioned/submission inbox.

To make it easy, I'm going share you guys a folder for you to put your dragon designs with some detailed description in 'GOOGLE DRIVE'.
Everyone with the link will get to submit your dragons design in the folder.
NOTE: The folder link is shared with everyone, so please do not deleted or edit people's document or I will never put your dragon designs into the story!

Here's the link for the Folder:…

Here's the link for an example in one document:…

Thank you for reading this, I will look forward you dragon design through this Google Drive.


To the chosen voice actors, please make contact with me so we can easily bring some information and give you the scripts when the project start it's progress.

>>>>… <<<<<

It's up!
Now i can start the project

Pap and Undyne for Audition by GZ-studio

Good luck participants!
Now I changed my name from Golzyblazey to GZ-studio.

This is my last day to be here, with you guys.

damn it feels so short with only 1 month and a half holiday. darn you school. Why won’t you LET ME CELEBRATE NEW YEAR?!??! Yeah, School start 1st January, and I am not ready to be a senior in boarding school. Because treating kids is hard for me because I don’t have any younger siblings. But hey, it’s 2017 is my last year of High School, and BOI I cannot wait to leave that jail forever.

There’s some bitter sweet memories in this 2016, earlier I had so much fun, and then exams was piece of garbage and I have to deal with humanity for quite a while, specifically, Hardcore Haters who broke my sanity.

But then I came back to you guys, I came in fresh, much more different after I lost in the darkness.

So, Thank you guys who has been supporting me since the day I step into this site. You always being supportive fans, and how much I love you guys like a family. Thank you.

2017 isn’t the best year for me to post a lot of arts and some updates. I’m going to hiatus after this day, hope you guys understand.

With lots of love,


HoI, how's your holidays going? It's been a month since I held this contest.
*ehem* okay.  So, are you ready for the winners?


Like I said before, i'm judging all entries by focusing the THEME, not the artworks. So, if you complain me that the artwork is good but didnt get the 1st place or others, I wouldnt mind. My main point is the THEME.

(50%) Theme - Hallucination, Memories, Light and Darkness
(25%) Colouring
(25%) Finishing
:star:Runner up::star:
PRIZE: 100 Points + flat drawing of your OC/any Character.
[Contest Entry] | memories won't last the Same | by DemireAleron2025
by :icondemirealeron2025:
Ganz's Regret That Follows. by Sandris24
by :iconsandris24:

[ CE ] I couldn't even if I tried by Soph-arts
by :iconsoph-arts:
[GZTale] Falling in darkness + Speed paint by Porinu
by :iconporinu:

Gztale Contest Entry: Ganz' Hatred by Kitsumarii
by :iconkitsumarii:
:star:3rd Place::star:
PRIZE: 500 Points + Your OC/any character headshot detailed art.

 Shattered World (GZTale contest entry) by Enlorah

:star:2nd Place::star:
PRIZE: 1000 Points + a fully detailed art of your OC/anything

Justice and Kindness by xX0015Xx

1st Place: 2000 Points + a fully detailed art of your OC/anything + 7 second full coloured animation.
GZTale: What Drives Us... by perfectshadow06
by :iconperfectshadow06:

Congratulation for the winners, you've done amazing job working on this, and so the others.
To the others who doesn't win, do not feel down. Your entries are all beautiful, and I found it hard to choose.
Here, these entries are

I found these really beautiful and amazing, and CLOSE to win. These entries deserve honor <3

To fail and rise by joselyn565 My Demons.. by BrassWarrior What Lies Beneath The Bones... by Ask-Bluestar14 Gztale Contest: .:Inferno:. by generatorex-kokoro [Contest Entry] Reminiscence before Death by jasoline-undertale Darkness, my old friend... by BrassWarrior Look at him by Natassya13 GZTale- Contest Entry by Pixev (CE) GZTale by Hamayuuki Contest- Fading Memories by Ray-Ken [Contest] GZtale by 0Kiru0 GzTale - Memories by LonicHedgehog GZtale - Shattered Hope by AnotherDemon GZtale (contest entry) by Vanessatheartperson
Also there's entries are animations, CHECK IT OUT:
GZtale pmv/animation by wolfmaster387 What will you choose? by 13-Lenne-13
Thank you guys so much for participating my contest entries, please dont feel so competitive, this is not a SERIOUS contest that you like to earned thousands dollars for a prize. I'm very appreciate all your times and effort to make the entry.
Hope I'm hosting another contest next year,
P.S to the winners, I'll contact you throught DA notes and give me your details for the prize.

I finally relaunch my Patreon again, but seriously, the patreon is just for the gztale comic. (i guessed)
I dont want to make patreon just for the animation because I know, I might discontinue some of the animation due school life and some project.

Featured Fanarts! (31st Oct!)

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 2:34 AM

GZTale // Jean (Soul of Kindness) by BlueTopaz-drawsGZswap by jasoline-undertale[Traditional Art] Marta Cosplays #1 by Maxima68GANZ by BenSmith08Ganz and Baby Bunny!! by KrystallisMakes01Ganz by cjc728Devils Never Cry by zeroa5ravenDoing BusIness by zeroa5ravenYou Had Enough by zeroa5ravenOne of my ideas... by Braven64I hope you've got some beds around by SnasTrash-1225GZTALE - Luke by Blue-MegalovaniaAdopting a skeleton by nazo677GZSwap SANS by BrassWarriorBrothers by Braven64crap doodles by Chewy29Humanized - Broken, Devils, Enemies (Speedpaint) by jasoline-undertaleGZFell by lilmelyBlade Dee |Chibi| by Shadow-Turtle-234Whereabouts Unknown by BlueTopaz-drawswow ok my hand hurts by fl0tters

Mature Content

S u f f e r. [ May Contain Blood. ] by swishyart
Gztale Sketches by NE0NFluffyLombaxWhy? (GZ!Sans) by RechainYourMemories[Sketch] GZtale n GZswap by FukuroMami555It's Kill Or Been Kill by FukuroMami555The meet by FukuroMami555Undertale: Crying Sans! by RTNightmareAmayah vs Cutie Pies by Twinkle-VioletGZtale Frisk Pagedoll by Burning-SolExotic Butters! by cjc728Doodle of GZSwap Chara and temmie by panadareaperHint to SnowFall chapter 8 by shadeowwolfmix100 Color Challenge - 80 [Holloween Edition] by xX-Nixen-Op-Brat-XxGanz by reniplierGztale by Teika-E-033DollUndertale+fanart [Alternative Universe] by BrownChuu[Meme] Music Meme by jasoline-undertaleGano/Monz by Burning-SolDrawing Pile 1 by LVPiplup21Ganz by CanadianLoonyGanz (drew this on a whim, forgot the design xD) by GimmemyFoodnowGZtale Toriel by Shadow-Turtle-234Papyrus and Midnight|GolzyBlazey| by Shadow-Turtle-234Little friend by RedNightCrawlerWhat have I done...? by RaspberryCreationsPapyrus' Human Servant Cover by kakashisgirlfighter

original skin by slakoths | modified by ChesterPalm
15th Dec UPDATE:

83 by GolzyBlazey
85 by GolzyBlazey

OH THE PRINTS IS HERE!!!! 2 days to go people! I HAVE LIKE +240 copies!


Saaasas by GolzyBlazey

Greetings my lovely bananas from the whole wide world! <3
(haha yeah, I changed my journal skins xD)

I just want to announce to my (SPECIALLY MALAYSIAN) fans about upcoming convention event in this December, the event called 'COMIC FIESTA'.  This is my 1st con that I will ever to visit, and my 1st booth as well. Earlier, I have requested to the organiser for a booth , months later I got an email that they have accepted me to have the booth, so, I can finally sell my Undertale fanart (mostly gztale xD) to people. 

But I still don't have enough fanarts to make it sell, so I need to think some of the ideas for the arts. I probably planning to sell an Art Prints,  lovely Postcards and badges of my Gztale character, example like this:
Ganz by GolzyBlazeyPapyrus by GolzyBlazey <--- it still not completed, YET.

But whoever are you, who's coming to COMIC FIESTA 2016 , local people or non-Malaysian,  I cannot wait to meet you people in real life, We can talk long as much (because I'm kind of person who likes to talk a lot to stranger xD) , take pictures together, you can request me to draw your character (with mine as well if you want to ^^). So I hope this event will bring the happiest and sweet moment of our life :'D

Information about the event:
Day one: 17th December 2016 (saturday)
Day two: 18th December 2016 (sunday)

Putra World Trade Centre Hall 1 & 2


Anamnesis Casting Call is up! (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 10:35 PM


Please go read this:…

If you want to submit your audition, please submit in that website, because I don't want to missed any auditions you have submit in other site. ^^;

Good luck!

Golzy Blade Dee

Excuse my bad english writing.

'Gz' stand for Golzy for short, I dont have any good name for the AU so I just stick it with my short form name.

The story concept:

Gztale is an AU where all the timeline goes different than the classic timeline.
  • Monsters of thr underground are not very friendly to human. Most of them are afraid of it while some of them act aggressive towards human.
  • Monsters are not naturally behave to be afraid/hostile, the rules that King Asgore gave to them to make sure NO MONSTERS HELP ING THE HUMAN, if they do, THE MONSTERS WILL MARK AS CRIMINALS/TRAITOR and they are straight to Exile from the community. 
    • Exile must be executed or banished from town.
  • Frisk as the 7th human soul who's characterised as clumsy, short thinker and very hesitant to make choices. They have corruptly press the reset button up to hundreds of time until the timeline goes bugging.
    • when the timeline have started the bugs, it goes back where the 6th human soul, Kindness fell into the underground. But because the bugs, the 5th human soul , Justice, fell at the same timeline with Kindness. Both of them cooperating each other to escape the underground.
  • Undyne, who hide somewhere else from getting caught by guardsdog, desperate to find the last human to kill them so she can gain her trust to the community.
  • Alphys is creating a weapon by using the human souls power. A weapon that can be used for A MONSTER and destroy the barrier and human world as well.

(additional concept will add later in the future)

Livestream! (ONLINE)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 9, 2016, 3:42 PM

Golzy Blade Dee


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2016, 2:05 AM

Hey guys, I'm opening the commission, but this is just order first. I'm still at school but I want to open commission early. I will start to draw your commission at around september because I have long holiday.

  • I ACCEPT: Undertale (original/ AU), OCs, shipping (but NO NSFW), Anime, a cute couple kissing, original, dark thing, happy thing, feels. 
  • I REJECT: NSFW, mean thing like naked, racist, bashing religion. 
  • I accept PAYPAL. 
  • Email me with full informations details so I can make thing that you're really wish for. (( ))
-sorry about the price, i don't know how much the USD cost like after convert to MYR. and I don't know if it's too cheap or expensive. (for USD)
- if you want your commission to be printed and shipped, you do not need to pay me extra.
- again, I'll start draw your commission around september, or either 27th August if you pay me right away. 


:SKETCHES:  $3 - $8 (10 slots open) (additional character + Free)

Look out! by GolzyBlazey 6 Humans, 6 Souls, one more to go by GolzyBlazey 
(the papyrus holding the kids is also a sketch, it just that I'll make it less)

1. Dottybobbles (reserved)

:FLAT: $15 - $18 (5 slots open) (additional Character /$5 per one)

Gztale - Luke and Jean (Justice and Kindness) by GolzyBlazey   Gztale - Asgore Dreemurr by GolzyBlazey


:FULL/SIMPLE: $25 - $30 (3 slots open) (additional Character/ $10 per one)

Justness by GolzyBlazey  Sans fullbody by GolzyBlazey


:FULL/DETAILED: $45 - $60 (3 slots open) (additional Character/ $25 per one)
You Dirty Brother Killer by GolzyBlazey The Head Of The Royal Guard by GolzyBlazey Gztale - True Pacifist End -Sans and Papyrus focus by GolzyBlazey Gztale - Fake Screenshot (3) + SPEEDPAINT by GolzyBlazey Gztale - That's harsh, man. by GolzyBlazey


Thank you~ : D

Golzy Blade Dee

have you guys have your own theories or headcanon of my comic, Anamnesis this far? I would LOVE to know yours, :D
comment down here to send your theories/headcanon.

welp. time to reblog some fan art over there >_> and coding for the my tumblr blog
I have arrive home now, just took a shower, and right now, i'm going to help my mom filling up the cupcake? O_O nah that's ok. I got few more hours to start my midnight stream tonight.
Oh yeah. just, mentioned. Many people have mentioned me with a lot with fan arts (because i was gone quiet a long time) . I should featured them because they need to! <3


GZTale Papyrus Royal Guard(Paps) by lilmelyGZTale Alphys human version by lilmelyGZTale Gaster by lilmelyNigtorra by TheSkeletonAngelOverworld GZtale Sans by Burning-Sol
Overworld GZtale Royal Guard Papyrus by Burning-SolOverworld GZtale Papyrus by Burning-Sol[FREE] Sans Anamnesis Icon by JomadisGanz Fanart (READ DESCRIPTION) by BlazingEspeon33Papyrus strange meeting by GOICHIMONJIGZtale sans by Amyrose4685Heheh(sketch) by SilverFlame666<da:thumb id="609728000"/>Drawing the AU Sans(es?) by BlazingEspeon33The soul is very fragile, take care~ by MetalPhoenixX
Hope you'll come back by MewyaRooting For Ya by BlazingEspeon33Ganz (GzTale) by Skylar8493Ganz - GZTale Sans by Blue-MegalovaniaFantasy- and GZTale Skelebros by UndeadNickyBring It In Guys by cjc728Mad Skele by Digital-wolf55GZTale Cosplay CJ by cjc728Ganz and owls by BlazingEspeon33Ganz by connor142536MMD Sans Models Fanmade Skins {DL Link} by cjc728Papyrus GZTale by connor142536some AU's here by FNAFkitnn123GZTale (Collab) by RaspberryCreationsFloof king by TNTVixsunGanz and Sansy by SilverFlame666FLOOF GANZ! by TNTVixsun<da:thumb id="621293058"/>[FanArt] Ganz - Mouse version by Maxima68Welcome back, GolzyBlazey!!!! by Shadow-Turtle-234Livestream Fun Time by BlazePandora[GZtale] Undyne Fight p.11 [Fan Comic] by FukuroMami555

Thank you guys so much for the lovely fan arts <333
stream will be start soon enough! need to set up my stream overlay.
and Geez! Look at aaaaaaal those birthday wishes. you guys. i cant help but to sniff in the corner ;;

anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes guys! but sadly my holiday will be going TOO SHORT, about 3 days. I need to spend time with my family and friends, so the update for the anamnesis kinda delay for a bit. I'll try to update if i can. ;;
thank you so much for waiting me patiently <3 love you all

- Blade…